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2:42:30Channel Trailer/Vindication Intro

Channel Trailer/Vindication Intro

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Thank you to everyone who subscribes, likes, and tunes into our programming. We are all extremely thankful for each and every one of you. Without all of you guys, we would be nothing.
42:26VTW™ | Christmas Chaos 2017

VTW™ | Christmas Chaos 2017

Live Now 1 month ago - 1,744 views

On a night where the entire VTW locker room looks to end each of their years on the highest of notes, everything from bragging rights to championship glory will be on the...
1:09:18VTW™ Vindication | Episode 51

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 51

Live Now 1 month ago - 881 views
1:52:00VTW™ Vindication SPECIAL | Episode 50

VTW™ Vindication SPECIAL | Episode 50

Live Now 1 month ago - 966 views
This promises to be a night that will forever change the course of VTW! What will NEW VTW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Shaw have to say as the top guy? How will The Change respond to CJE's comm...
1:24:02VTW™ Turbulence | 2017

VTW™ Turbulence | 2017

Live Now 1 month ago - 1,598 views

On one of the most anticipated nights of the year, VTW brings to you Turbulence! Who will walk out with the coveted briefcase that allows for a World or YouTube Title matc...
49:10VTW™ Vindication | Episode 49

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 49

Live Now 2 months ago - 1,056 views
Vindication 49 is action packed as we see the continuation of many rivalries heading into the spectacle that is Turbulence! The annual Turbulence ladder match is highly anticipated, and the partici...
2:44:08VTW™ Vindication | Episode 48

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 48

Live Now 2 months ago - 888 views
The fallout from Halloween Hangover starts here! Cameron Jackson faces none other than K.C. Chambers, and Avery Hoke finally gets answers from Mephisto regarding his Halloween candy. Zakk Daniels i...
42:11VTW™ Halloween Hangover | 2017

VTW™ Halloween Hangover | 2017

Live Now 2 months ago - 1,836 views
On what is the spookiest night of the year, we are a day taking off of Halloween, meaning we have quite the Halloween Hangover... but the VTW Superstars are here to compete in what is arguably the ...
1:32:33DH in HD: Goodbyes.

DH in HD: Goodbyes.

Live Now 2 months ago - 734 views
"I've got blood on my name..."
1:27:46VTW™ Roulette Vindication | Episode 47

VTW™ Roulette Vindication | Episode 47

Live Now 2 months ago - 880 views
1:33:45VTW™ Vindication | Episode 46

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 46

Live Now 3 months ago - 962 views
The fallout from the special edition Day Of Gold Vindication opens with a message from the new VTW World Champion Zakk Daniels. We hear from the Tag Team division and see a singles match between tw...
1:59:38VTW™ Day of Gold Vindication | Episode 45

VTW™ Day of Gold Vindication | Episode 45

Live Now 3 months ago - 1,051 views
4 HUGE matches take place on this episode. The Hype takes on The Los Mephistos for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championships. The "one man revolution" Aaron Jones takes on K9 for the #1 c...
31:42VTW™ Summerblast | 2017

VTW™ Summerblast | 2017

Live Now 3 months ago - 1,285 views
1:00:52VTW™ Vindication | Episode 44

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 44

Live Now 3 months ago - 745 views
On the final stop before VTW Summerblast 2017, everyone on the roster is looking to impress and gain momentum for the latter half of a stellar year.

Any and all music heard is being used for enter...
1:33:32VTW™ Vindication | Episode 43

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 43

Live Now 4 months ago - 901 views
1:23:51VTW™ Quiet Riot: Ropes Won't Tighten, Send Help! |  2017
1:42:35VTW™ Vindication | Episode 42

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 42

Live Now 4 months ago - 1,485 views
5:33:21VTW™ SUPER Vindication | Episode 41

VTW™ SUPER Vindication | Episode 41

Live Now 5 months ago - 1,118 views
In this stacked Vindication, now dubbed SUPER Vindication, we see the VTW roster stake their claims to fame after VTW Mania 2017 and Best in the Yard 3. Chase Bridges starts off by addressing Aaron...
1:40Best In The Yard 3™ (YouTube Wrestling)

Best In The Yard 3™ (YouTube Wrestling)

Live Now 5 months ago - 5,841 views
We here at VTW, UWE, KBW, NLBW, Proving Grounds, and BEW are proud to present Best in the Yard 3! It is time for BYW's annual mega-crossover, where moments will be made, wars will be fought, and th...
2:30:29Best in the Yard 3 (Hype Video)

Best in the Yard 3 (Hype Video)

Live Now 5 months ago - 913 views
Coming this summer, the biggest show in history! Best in the Yard 3 emanates from Western North Carolina, and is sure to be the spectacle of a lifetime. Countless moments to be made, and careers to...
56:53VTW™ Mania | 2017

VTW™ Mania | 2017

Live Now 7 months ago - 4,582 views
Here we are! VTW™ Mania 2017! The biggest show in VTW's history kicks off with the TLC Tag Team Title match between The Bad Sons and The Mafia in one hell of a match. Mephisto takes on the debuting...
51:38VTW™ Vindication | Episode 40

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 40

Live Now 7 months ago - 922 views
The LAST stop before VTW Mania rolls on as we see the final messages from each competitor at VTW Mania before they step foot at the grandest stage of them all! VTW Mania will be brought to you LIVE...
43:36VTW™ Vindication | Episode 39

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 39

Live Now 7 months ago - 825 views
The 3rd stop on the road to VTW™ Mania is action packed as we see Dustin Reagan take on Jamal Pain in singles competition before VTW™ Mania! We hear from The Bad Sons, and a shocking reveal is made...
57:24VTW™ Vindication | Episode 38

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 38

Live Now 7 months ago - 1,039 views
The second stop on the road to VTW™ Mania begins as we see Kevin Shaw get set to compete with the Reunion Rumble winner, Mr. DH in HD, Drew Hood as they prepare for their Fatal 4 Way Main Event mat...
1:26:26VTW™ Vindication | Episode 37

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 37

Live Now 7 months ago - 922 views
Join us on the road to VTW™ Mania! We take our first of 4 stops on the road to the biggest show of the year, VTW Mania! The state of the Tag Team division, Youtube title scene and World title scene...
36:34VTW™ The Final Stand | 2017

VTW™ The Final Stand | 2017

Live Now 8 months ago - 1,871 views
Welcome to the Final Stand, the final stop before we take a road-trip to the grandest show in all of VTW, VTW Mania 2017. Tonight, a lot of stories will hit their peak and some things will just beg...
56:55VTW™ Vindication | Episode 36

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 36

Live Now 8 months ago - 1,175 views
The last stop before The Final Stand! Many continuations of rivals are displayed leading into the last stop before VTW Mania, VTW The final Stand!
2:09:14VTW™ Vindication | Episode 35

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 35

Live Now 8 months ago - 1,193 views
Coming off the spectacle that was VTW™ Fury, we see many of your favorite stars as they begin their journey to our next huge event, VTW™ The Final Stand!
25:53VTW™ Fury | 2017

VTW™ Fury | 2017

Live Now 9 months ago - 2,408 views
VTW™ Productions proudly presents, Fury 2017! A stacked line up and marque matches are sure to steal the show and amaze us all as we see many grudge matches climax right here on VTW™ programming! M...
VTW™ Vindication | Episode 34

VTW™ Vindication | Episode 34

Live Now 9 months ago - 750 views
The last stop before VTW Fury! We hear many of your favorite stars address their opponents for this spectacular event and many more matches are made as we prepare to witness an incredible event.