ECC EAGLE CAM - S3, 2018 - Earth Conservation Corps, MPDC, Eagles4Kids | eagle | clip60
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ECC EAGLE CAM - S3, 2018 - Earth Conservation Corps, MPDC, Eagles4Kids | eagle | clip60

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Channel: Earth Conservation Corps
ECC EAGLE CAM - S3, 2018 - Earth Conservation Corps, MPDC, Eagles4Kids | eagle | clip60 NAMING CONTEST: Are you a teacher, or a student who is really good at convincing their teachers to participate in contests? The Earth Conservation Corps is in search of classrooms to help us name our two eaglets! If you meet the above criteria and would like your classroom to participate, please email us at [email protected]

The submission period will close on March 31 at 11:59PM. The top 20 names will be chosen by Earth Conservation Corps staff to then be voted on by the general public starting on April 2. The winning names will be announced by April 10 and the classroom(s) whose names were chosen will be given a very special reward!

ECC3 was laid on Feb 7 @6:38PM and ECC4 was laid on Feb 11 @6:18PM. ECC3 pipped on March 16, 2018 @ 8:32AM and hatched on March 17 @ 7:00AM. While, ECC4 pipped on March 18 @ 7:30AM and hatched on March 19 @ 5:32PM

Welcome to Season 3 of the camera's located 110 feet above the Metropolitan Police Academy in Southwest, DC. This nest is home to Liberty & Justice a 20 year old pair of mating bald eagles who have called this nest home since approx. 2004.

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Website: &
Camera 2:
Eagle Log:
Our Story "Endangered Species":
Check out our Friends at Dale Hollow!:
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- Spamming (advertisements, subscriptions, nonsense characters, etc)
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Anyone who abuses these rules will get a warning from a moderator, first.
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Third time, they will be blocked from the YouTube chat.

Eagle F.A.Q:
- Who are these eagles? Liberty & Justice!
- How old are they? We believe they are between 19-21 years old
- How long have they been nesting here? We believe they have been nesting here since about 2004.
- When will we see eggs? Mating starts in mid-December, with eggs expected in January, then hatching in March/April
- How many eggs can we expect? Anywhere from none to three!
- I don't see any eagles?! They are probably off fishing! The Potomac river is less than a mile away. Tune in early in the morning and right before sunset for the most activity.
- Why are they bringing sticks? They are preparing the nest for the upcoming mating / nesting season!
- What do they eat? Mostly fish, but we do occasionally see other small animals like squirrels and raccoons being brought.
- What about lead and lead poisoning? Please see this article and help educate on the problems with using lead based bullets:

Camera F.A.Q:
- Is this actually live? YES!
- Is this the real audio? YES!
- What's up with the night vision? Unfortunately, our IR light that was purchased doesn't work as advertised, so we had to scrap it. The built in IR for the cameras is on!!
- Can we move the camera? Sure! The moderators (wrenches) can take requests to move the camera!
-I'm on Mobile / Tablet and can't see Camera 2?! Ugh! WE KNOW! YouTube (for some reason) does not support multi-cam live streams on mobile / tablet devices. HOWEVER, there is a slight work-around. If you are on mobile and are using Chrome (standard on Android), make sure that the setting for "Desktop Site" is selected. This will request the desktop version of the stream allowing for multi-cam support.

Special thanks to:
John Mein, Burrell Duncan, George Crawford, Marvin Brown, "Mocha", Tyler
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