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Pacific++ 2017: Matt Bentley "Can we make a faster linked list?" | C++ | clip60

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Channel: Pacific++
Pacific++ 2017: Matt Bentley "Can we make a faster linked list?" | C++ | clip60 Website:

Are linked lists useful? Yes. Where? Do they perform well on modern hardware? No. Why? Can they? Yes. And how?

About the speaker:
Matt Bentley was born in 1978 and never quite recovered from the experience. He started programming in '86, completing a BSc Computer Science in '99, spent three years working for a legal publishing firm, quit and got sick, built a music studio, recovered, started programming again and stumbled across some generalized solutions to some old problems. He is the author of the 'colony' container type, the jump-counting skipfield pattern and an active member of the SG14 study group. His work can be found at He types on a 1993 IBM Model M; the only keyboard which can double as a self-defence weapon.
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