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Tainan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | cvg | clip60

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Tainan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | cvg | clip60 Venture to Tainan and explore Taiwan’s oldest city. Known as “The Birthplace of Taiwan,” Tainan invites you to gain an appreciation for the local history. First, visit the historic quarter of Anping to see the remnants of a merchant house held together by banyan roots, and then check out Chihkan Tower and discover the city’s most important artifacts.

Tainan is steeped in history and tradition, as it features 2,000 temples and shrines. Head to the Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple, located across from Chihkan Tower. Visit the altar set up for Guan Gong—the patron saint of soldiers—and marvel at the 300-year-old plum tree in the courtyard. After a day spent learning about the culture, take a stroll in Tainan Natural Park for a peek at the mangroves and wetlands.

Hungry? Bring your appetite to “The City of Snacks,” where you’ll find cuisine with Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese influences. There’s street food around nearly every corner, and vendors serve up affordable portions, so you can sample a little bit of everything.

Visit our Tainan travel guide to plan your adventure in this fascinating Taiwanese city.


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