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Noose (Short Film)|


Noose (Short Film)|
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A boy ventures into a forest with a backpack full of rope, caught between the decision to end a life or save one.


Undergraduate thesis film completed in 20 weeks at UCLA Animation Workshop.
Runtime 7:19
Written, animated, directed by Shirley Zhou
Sound Design / Mixing by Crystal Chan (
Original Soundtrack by Stephen Spies and Kate Bacich

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I've been slow to release this but excited to finally share it with you all! This was my undergratuate thesis film at UCLA as a film major with a concentration in animation, and also my first finished animated short film ever. Working on this film was a very therapeutic outlet for me in a rough time in my life, and I worked like a maniac trying to get this done within 20 weeks. I look back on it now and cringe at all the things I wish I could have done better, but I know at the time it was an immense labor of love and I did my best within the time I had to make the best film I could. Now a year later, I'm knee deep in another short film as a graduate student, and it's exciting to see how much I've grown since then. While it'll be another long while till I can share that one with you, I hope you'll enjoy Noose!

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